Laura Sandage



Free 15-minute Consultation to answer questions about my work and see if we are a good match. Email me to set up a time for a phone chat or video conference.

I offer four types of one-on-one sessions:

Ancestral Lineage Healing for people wanting to connect with vibrant ancestral resources, which can support their musical/creative endeavors, or any other aspect of their lives. This is guided, intuitive, client-led work which facilitates and trains clients to engage their ancestors as a force for healing inherited trauma and disconnection from the homelands and earth-honoring ways of their people. The method I use was developed by my teacher, Daniel Foor, PhD. This can be facilitated in person or by phone/video conference.

Voicing the Heart for people who are dealing with vocal or musical wounding, blocked self-expression, fear of singing or speaking, or similar issues. This is intuitive and compassionate companioning on your healing journey, informed by my knowledge of vocal technique, training in hypnotherapy, and deep experience with many expressive arts modalities and ritual processes. 

Vocal Coaching for people of any age who have clear goals or projects involving the voice and/or singing. I have a lot of experience with adults returning to singing or daring to engage their voices in spite of fear or discouraging past experience. I have also worked with young (and old) people preparing for auditions or tuning in to their ability to hear and match pitches accurately. 

Musical Coaching for people who want to deepen their musical engagement with whatever instrumental music or singing they are undertaking. May include support for ear training, self-rehearsal, music reading skills, strategies for learning by ear, performance practices, developing musicality, and the mind-game of music and performance. 

Pricing: For vocal and musical coaching, my rate is $60/hour, with package discounts available. Coaching sessions may last 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Voicing the Heart and Ancestral Healing sessions are 90 minutes initial@ $100 and 60 minutes regular@ $80, with an ability to flex on pricing for people in need. Please ask-- your healing is important to me.