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Welcome to my Music Composition page!  I have created works for the choral groups and congregations I have been involved with, and I am excited to share my music with a wider community.  Email me to arrange for e-delivery of a complete piece and for payment details.  I use Sibelius music software and can send you Sibelius files if that is helpful for you, or .pdfs otherwise.

Please do not use these pieces without contacting me.  I want to know where my music travels! Trust that I will work within your budgetary constraints, or charge a standard rate of $1/copy or a $15 flat fee for paperless choir use.  


CHORAL MUSIC for Community Chorus or Church Choir 


Do You Want Peace?words and music by Laura Sandage Do.You.Want.Peace.SATB.sample.pdf

Listen to recording of this song from Bloom: Do_You_Want_Peace_.mp3

  • SATB, suitable for chorus or small ensemble
  • Intermediate, with piano reduction
  • High energy, positive message


Stay Close words by Hafiz (tr. Daniel Ladinsky), music by Laura Sandage Stay.Close.sample.pdf

LISTEN to the Vocal Art Ensemble performance of this song: Stay.Close.VAE.mp3

  • SATB with divisi on all parts
  • Intermediate/Difficult
  • Stirring piece for Concert or Church 


Freedom From War words and music by Laura Sandage Freedom.From.War.SATB.sample.pdf

  • SATB with piano accompaniment and chords
  • Easy/intermediate
  • Inspiring anthem about the power of each voice to make a difference


Green Fields My Heart words and music by Laura Sandage

Listen to the Gettin' Higher Choir of Victoria BC sing it in SATB: Green_Fields_My_Heart_GHC_June_2012.mp3

  • Available in SAB or SATB versions with piano accompaniment
  • Easy piece that subtly relates colors in nature to energy centers of the body
  • Harmonically engaging song enjoyed by choirs and audiences alike


A Humble Birth words and music by Laura Sandage A.Humble.Birth.SSA.cello.sample.pdf  A.Humble.Birth.SSA.flute.sample.pdf 

  • SSA with piano accompaniment and optional cello or flute obbligato
  • Easy and accessible for women's chorus or small ensemble
  • Tender Christmas song appropriate for church services or concerts-- audiences love it!


I Say So Be It words and music by Laura Sandage

  • SATB with chords for optional accompaniment.  Also available in longer version with solo bridge.
  • Easy/Intermediate
  • High energy, positive message


Secrets Can Be Sung words and music by Laura Sandage   Secrets.Can.Be.Sung.SATB.sample.pdf

  • SATB with optional handbell choir accompaniment
  • Easy/Intermediate
  • Old World flavor suitable for holiday programs or any time of year


This Is How I Pray arr. by Laura Sandage, words and music by Jan Peters This.Is.How.I.Pray.SATB.sample.pdf

  • SATB with chords for optional accompaniment
  • Easy/Intermediate light-hearted folk song
  • Spiritual message accessible to the non-religious


Basic Goodness words by Sakyong Mipham, music by Laura Sandage Basic.Goodness.SATB.pdf

  • SATB 
  • Easy chant for church or other spiritual occasion
  • Words from the Shambhala Buddhist tradition



LAYER SONGS: flexible and accessible 

Compassion music by Laura Sandage, words are quotes by the Dalai Lama, Thomas Merton, and anonymous.  Compassion.SATB.descant.pdf

Layered sound recording of all parts: Compassion.Layers.new_soprano_part.mp3

  • Rhythmic and catchy song in five layers
  • Add drumming or percussion for more excitement
  • Great messages to carry with you

Earth Hunger words and music by Laura Sandage 

Layered sound recording of all parts: Earth_Hunger.multitrack_1.mp3

  • SSATB with chords for optional accompaniment
  • Easy layer song for flexible use with chorus and/or congregation
  • Earth-centered lyric with reflective mood


Step Lightly words and music by Laura Sandage Step.Lightly.pdf

  • Available in four-part or layer versions
  • optional body percussion element 
  • Uplifting message


Loyalty  words by Laura Sandage and Rumi/Barks, music by Laura Sandage Loyalty.pdf

  • SATB with altos and basses on same line. Sopranos have the tricky part!
  • Easy to learn by ear
  • Inspiring message


Anticipation words by Laura Sandage and Mark Twain, music by Laura Sandage  Anticipation.pdf

  • SATB
  • Easy to learn by ear
  • Useful for seasons of waiting-- for holidays or remodels to finish!


Reconciliation words and music by Laura Sandage  Reconciliation.satb.pdf

Layered sound recording of all parts: Reconciliation.5_tracks_1.mp3

  • SATB with SAT on homophonic part, basses on contrasting line
  • Short chant with a healing tone
  • Words can be replaced as needed with ideas from choir or congregation


Every Gun words by Laura Sandage, Hafiz, and Dwight D. Eisenhower, music by Laura Sandage Every.Gun.2012.pdf  

  •  SAB with divisi in the bass line, which can be updated as the military budget changes
  • Hard-hitting message about the impact of weapons spending
  • Simultaneous reminder from Hafiz that "everything is sacred" 


Public Carrier words and music by Laura Sandage Public_Carrier.pdf

  • Fun, mostly spoken-word song in five parts, can be done as a round or a layer song
  • Rhythmic cacaphony imitates the sounds on the roadways of India
  • All text taken from vehicles in India.  Optional hand motions add to the fun.



KIDS' STUFF and Teaching Songs 


Feet: Roots  Feet-Roots.pdf  Feet-_Roots.mp3

Whole Steps/ Half Steps

Numbers Every Day

I'm Teaching Peace

Inside Your Head (Round)

Sassafrass Tree

The Dog Ate My Fortune

A Gift From a Tree

The World Outside

One Hawk

This Song Is Perfect For Me